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Located via Burnside / Hwy 118, Exit 12 (off Hwy 111)

Dartmouth Crossing Obtains Residential Zoning Approval

Dartmouth – On May 11th, 2009, Harbour East Community Council approved Dartmouth Crossing’s re-zoning application for approximately 100 acres to allow for residential and small commercial development. Previously, the land had been zoned I-2 which allowed industrial and commercial development on an as-of-right basis. The re-zoned land is located at the north end of Dartmouth Crossing atop the quarry wall, sloping down to Hwy 118 and Lake Charles. It will be accessible from the extension on Finlay Ave, above the existing intersection of Finlay and Wright Avenue.

The residential component is the natural extension of Dartmouth Crossing’s development philosophy, allowing HRM citizens- a “Live, Work, Play” environment with proximity to both work in Burnside and shopping/ entertaining in Dartmouth Crossing, with bike and walking paths on-site and access to the extensive local park system.

“The way is now cleared for us to begin work on our Development Agreement application,” said Glenn Munro, Managing Partner-Eastern Canada for North American Development Group- the owners of Dartmouth Crossings. “It will be an extensive process negotiating a agreement with the HRM detailing what and where we can build, building heights, densities, setbacks and buffering from the adjacent Burnside Park.”

“There will be extensive discussions, meetings and input from many interest groups, including area businesses, park users and the residents across Lake Charles”, said Munro, adding “ We intend to bring the same standards to the residential component that we brought to Dartmouth Crossing’s iconic retail buildings, quality construction and architecture set into a sustainably-built environment.

If all goes to plan, residential construction could begin in early 2016/2017. All transportation and utility infrastructure services required to support the development are in place, provided for when Dartmouth Crossing reworked the old Whebby quarry for the first phase of retail.

Updates and additional information on Dartmouth Crossing’s residential activities will be posted regularly.


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